Cambridge IGCSE Malaysia

Information for Parents and Students

Why do we need a verified source of teachers and tutors?

You will save time, have the peace of mind and able to get better results with genuine teachers, your best resources in learning well.

● In recent years, we have seen the great surge in the numbers of students in Malaysia registering for their IGCSE qualifications. Many are enrolled in the International Schools, while there are students who prepared themselves by homeschooling, joining a tuition centre or Academy or by getting personal tutors.

● We feel that there is a important mission to ensure that the facilitators and teachers are properly qualified and also verified by a committee of veteran educators so that parents are not cheated by shortchanged by person(s) who are not properly qualified to teach.

● We also encourage our list of qualified teachers to continue to learn and update their skills by joining our excursions for Cambridge PDQ training throughout the year.

● Cambridge PDQ trained teachers, undergo a year long online training, attend two face to face training sessions for a particular subject and syllabus, to help them organize a complete work scheme consisting of lesson plans, schedule and progress reviews for their students.

● We hope that you will post your review of the teacher you have hired to help other parents and students. Contact us here to post your review.

IGCSE Homeschooling

Please note that all the teachers and tutors have been verified by our Education Committee and we have met the tutor face to face and checked their current experience and qualifications. Rates for properly qualified teachers and verified teachers are indicated below and up to parents to negotiate with the respective tutor(s).

RM80 to RM100 per hour per student for Group Tuition (limited to no more than 3 students per group). Tuition may be done at tutor’s location. 

RM120 per hour and above for Personal Tuition (for home visit, surcharge applies for travel time & transport costs). For home visits, please note that the tutor may add a surcharge of 0.5 to 1.0 hour if he/she is required to travel beyond their area of operation.

To request for a properly verified teacher or tutor, please click here.